Transform to the Legal cloud

The time is there to go to the cloud

The cloud offers many benefits in terms of flexibility and opportunities. To make effective use of the possibilities, it is important to follow a structural approach that takes all the in’s and out’s associated with the legal firms and their specifics into consideration. This way risks are minimized while quickly leveraging the potential the cloud offers.

Three ways to start

When moving to cloud-enabled operations, many roads can be taken. One can start top-down with a clear transformation strategy, or bottom-up with a specific component.

Transformation plan

When you are thinking about moving to a cloud-enabled operation, you might have the need for a transformation plan. Our consultants can help you with this while keeping a clear eye on the implication of implementing it.

Start small

When you want to experiment with cloud-enabled operations, starting with a specific, relatively small service, might be the way to go. We can help you implement specific services as cloud-enabled services.

The full monty

 You might also be bold and want go fully to the cloud but with minimal risk. In this case we can help you with a full transformation that includes program management, implementation and operation.