We are a full service Cloud Company

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legal cloud

Start the transformation to flexible cloud-enabled operation. With our experience in the cloud for Legal firms during the last years, we paved your way.


What we do

We help legal firms leverage the benefits of using a flexible cloud-enabled operation as the basis for their IT.


Change your IT operation to flexible cloud-enabled operation. Whether it is creating a strategy and road map or hands-on supporting the execution, we provide you with the expertise in a format that fits your organization


After moving to cloud-enabled operations, we support you in running this operation either long term or we help your own department building up the expertise required. This helps you minimize any operational risks.

Why we are different

Specific know-how and experience for legal companies

Understanding of the regulatory compliancy required in legal industry

Experience with both business applications as well as the infrastructure components, such as AD, in the cloud.


The Kentivo Legal Cloud is a sister company of Kentivo. Kentivo is a young and innovative European company focused on providing cutting edge solutions in the domain of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and SAP. In the years Kentivo has gained a large portfolio with innovative Machine Learning solutions for the legal industry, like:

  • Red Flag – Identify contract risk

  • Contract Analyzer – Compare clauses and find negotiation patterns

  • Smart Fund – Operate an investment fund with the help of A.I.

Let’s help you transform to 
The LEGAL Cloud